01 September, 2012


Illustration to me has always been about attention to detail, hiding a meaning in plan site and telling a story. Surprisingly I always find myself telling my own story in some way. Each time I get motivated and inspired to create something the same process happens even if I go about it differently. This time though I set out to do a surrealist painting about clouds and dreaming. As I sketch out some thumbnails I end up finalising a self portrait. Not only that but I feel to leave the photoshop brush out.

I almost never go for a minimalist style, and I definitely never get a desire to do a self portrait. So this piece confuses me, but the process has taught me a lot about myself and the art direction I have been drawn to as of late.

The thing is that I don't need a complicated illustration to communicate an idea or story. I just need the desire to continue to communicate those ideas and narratives and let the style sort itself out. Hopefully I will continue to develop  and explore other styles, while I try to find that ever illusive signature style.

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