24 September, 2012

Fresh Meat!!!

Pudge from DotA2
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I am a big fan of zombies and the whole undead scenario. Almost every week one of my friends or some random person I have just met will say to me, “it would be so cool if there were zombies, I’d run around killing them all day =3.” I don’t psychologically agree with these desires, I don’t think I could severely maim someone just because they are undead, they are still people with dreams and family you know? Though my fascination and defence of the undeads’ humanity probably has a lot to do with the fact that my parents run a funeral home, I still enjoy a good zombie film or game. The case is so here, I have been a faithful player of DotA (Defence of the Ancients) for many years now. So you can imagine my excitement when DotA 2 was released this year, and this piece is a combination of those two loves. I give you the undead butcher, Pudge from DotA 2

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